Our Community Groups are vibrant, fun-filled communities which are the backbone of our fellowship, discipleship and mission. They’re groups of people in different parts of the city who meet, explore faith and share life though the week. Activities vary from week to week and include prayer, worship, discussions, bible studies, games, competitions and eating together. If you’d like to connect to one of our groups then please phone us on 07824 706538 or email hello@communitychurchleeds.org.uk


If you’re a student in Leeds, you’re invited to get stuck in with God’s heart for our city and its universities. We meet on Thursday nights at cafe Miro (now Zoom) and would love to meet you!



Hello! We meet on some Friday teatimes, Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons for fun, friendship and a chance for our families to get together. 

North Leeds

North Leeds is one of our newest groups which we’ve recently launched. We’ll be meeting both in person and online and building a new community in the north of our city.


We’re Mark and Becky and our vision is seeing the kingdom come in Beeston and South Leeds. We are building intentional community and seeking God through prayer, worship and discipleship. We want to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit into places of need and be part of God reaching out in love to people.