Hello and welcome to the Student Community Group!


If you are (or soon-to-be!) a student in Leeds & looking for a church, then look no further - check out Community Church Leeds (CCL) and our Community Group…
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We are a bunch of students who, together, are navigating student life and living for Jesus! Whether you’re used to Church or not, you’re welcome to join in the fun and discover more of who Jesus is.
We enjoy spending time together as well as praying, worshipping, diving into the Bible and sharing God’s heart with our city and Leeds’ Universities.
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Every Sunday morning, we’re part of the big-CCL family - find out more about our services here 
Afterwards, we’d normally have a meal together! We love student lunch (at a student’s house, family home or Wetherspoons!) During lockdown, we’re still meeting for lunch on zoom which is a great way of getting to know each other well.

Every Thursday, we've been meeting between 7-9pm at Cafe Miro (which is near the Parkinson Building). We’ve enjoyed time together, deepening our relationship with Jesus and supporting each other through student life. We don’t want these times to stop during lockdown so we’ve moved to Zoom. Do get in touch if you’d like to join us. There’s also an Alpha Course running on zoom – a great way to find out more about the Christian faith

Plus, we get up to all kinds of different and fun things throughout the year like… a weekend away, laser tag, Thanksgiving meal, Burns Night quizzes and different opportunities to get stuck-in with CCL life!
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A special welcome to those of you arriving in September to start studying in Leeds! We’d love to meet you and help you feel at home In Leeds and at CCL.
If you have questions about Churches in Leeds, student life or CCL - please do get in touch:
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We asked our students to describe CCL, here’s what they said…
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"From my first Sunday at CCL I felt welcomed and immediately in the presence of God. Having tried other churches in Leeds, CCL stood out to me as a place I felt most at home. It has a wonderful balance of friendship, worship, teaching and community at its Sunday services, giving equal importance to all four of these things. On Thursdays, student nights have been a place for more intimate connection with God and have been beyond helpful getting to know other students and helping my faith grow"  - REUBEN
"CCL is an amazing community. Personally I found moving away from home for university really lonely, but the first time I went to a CCL meeting I felt straight away that I belonged. The whole church is a real tight-knit family and I have felt completely loved and supported from day one. CCL really invests in every member and people really want to encourage me in my walk with God and help me develop my gifts. It's been such a blessing and I’m so excited to see what is next in store!"- GEMMA
"CCL is one of the first places that I really felt settled when I started uni. Everyone is so welcoming, and having ‘community’ within the name of our church is definitely the right kind of name to have, because that’s exactly what we are! To me, CCL is a family of people who have been with me and supporting me as I grow in Christ, and it’s also been the catalyst for a lot of that growth to happen." - ABI
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